With Ginger drink against viruses and colds!

 With the arrival of temperature changes, there also comes a virus and flu season, and many of us remember Ginger - a great anti-inflammatory herbal whose beneficial effects can be found in many fields.


It is a strong herbal which is rightly considered one of the healthiest in the world due to its numerous benefits::

- Soothes inflammation of upper respiratory tract
- Relieves the symptoms of asthma
- Boosts immunity
- Calms the stomach, cleans and treats problems with the gut
- Reduces muscle inflammation
- Enhances the treatment of migraine and effectively act upon chemotherapy
- Dissolves fat deposits and detox body

"Sensa" magazine and our guests confirm that the favorite drink in the most popular Zagreb's vegetarian restaurant Vegehop is Ginger drink - a drink made from ginger and lemon sweetened with agave syrup. For the glass of this powerful detox beverage visit our restaurant Vegehop <3