Green Monday in Vegehop!

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With the Green Monday campaign Zagreb became the first Croatian city who joined this worldwide campaign. It is interesthing to note that the mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Bandic, also signed the Declaration on Green Monday, that in June 2010 officially declared the beginning of the Green Monday campaign.


There are five reasons for introducing Green Monday: it is healthy, good for our planet, it is helping to reduce hunger in the world, it is good for animals and it is very tasty!

Vegetarian and vegan restaurant Vegehop also joined the Green Monday Campaign. Every Monday we give freshly squeezed juice for free with a daily menu, and also delivery prices are lower.
By participating in the campaign we closer the importance of nutrition to our guests and encourage them to make the other days of the week green. Their gratitude and warmth encourages us to continue spreading good vibes for all of us and our planet!



According to the World Health Organization, 90% of the Croatian population is consuming less fruits and vegetables than the recommended amount.


The Department of Public Health "Dr. Andrija Štampar" states that every other citizen dies from heart and blood ailments, while these ailments are largely preventable by changing dietary habits. Meat increases the level of cholesterol, as well as the risk of some cancers, diabetes and obesity.

According to the UN report, released on 2 June 2010, food production, particularly products of animal origin, affects 70% of world consumption of drinking water and 38% of the total use of agricultural land. Food production is responsible for as much as 19% of total greenhouse gas emissions which is more than the total world traffic. Thus, as stated in the report, the only possible mitigation of negative impacts on the environment is to choose a diet that is based on foods of plant origin.

Angela Cropper, Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme, on the occasion said: "On World Environment Day, we hope that people will become aware of what is going on behind the product you are buying and the impact that manufacturing has on the rest of the world. Our goal is to inform manufacturers, lawmakers and consumers about the environmental impact of our everyday habits."


To help the citizens in introducing Green Monday in their lifestyle, a Green Monday web site was launched. The site contains plenty of information about the benefits of Green Monday to human health and the environment, but also recipes that will make it easier for citizens to make each other Monday a Green Monday.